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If you have an international insurance company:
Some international insurance companies may cover a portion or all of your costs, up to a limit set by the company according to your policy. A number of international organizations and companies also subsidize some of the costs involved in private mental health care needed by their employees and/or their employees’ children.

If you have a Dutch insurance company:
Psychological and Mental Health services in The Netherlands for children under age 18 are not covered by medical insurance but rather are provided through the municipality (Gemeente) where the child lives. Because we work through all parts of the Netherlands we do not keep contracts with different municipalities. Therefore we advise to contact your municipality before starting an intake or intervention. 

Because we are fully licensed Child Healthcare Psychologists (restricted through the Individual Healthcare Professions Act, wet BIG), we meet the quality requirements for these services. For more information and frequently asked questions click here

Referral from the general practitioner (GP) needed?
For support offered by our private practice, we do not demand a referral note from your general practitioner. Sometimes the insurance company demands this in order to receive reimbursement. Also, the GP will appreciate knowing about the reason you are applying for support (although it is not obligatory to inform him or her).

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