We help your child cycle  smoothly through life

Psychological Assessments for Children and Adolescents

Have you noticed  your child struggling with…

  • adjusting to new changes?

  • paying attention or sitting still?

  • lower grades than expected?

  • sleep or eating problems?

  • getting into trouble with others at school and/or at home?

  • making new friends?

  • school exams?

  • pressure or stress due to educational demands?

If any of the above concern you, please contact us!

We provide understandable and useful reports with practical recommendations for school and home.   

With over 20 assessment tools we are able to provide standardized and thorough  advice and counsel.

We are currently working with many international schools in the Netherlands and  proudly serving expatriate children.

We strive to provide high quality and responsive service between initial intake and report presentation.

We come to you!

We offer services at home, schools and from different offices throughout The Netherlands.

We are passionate about providing the necessary individual tools to enable your child to cycle smoothly through life.